English Task

My name is Yogie Adiputra. I’m 21 years old. I am the oldest of two brothers and one sister. I live in Jakarta. And also I studying in University Gunadarma”

Why I choosing University of Gunadarma:
Because someone told me University Gunadarma is one of the best university in Indonesia. He says “University Gunadarma is good and not so expensive”. And then when I in Senior High School I get the scholarship in University Gunadarma. ”

What is the reason for choosing Computer (Information System) Knowledge:
“Because I Love Computer and I want to know everything all about the computer.”

My Goal:
“My future goal is become a web desaigner and also system analyst. And I want to work in big company such as Google or Kaskus”

When my goal come true:
“Maybe when I finished the study in University Gunadarma, I will work with my passion and then improve my skill”

How to do realize my goal:
“Keep learning about my is passion and hard work to realize that.”

That’s a few things about myself and my goal. I hope what I have to try to be the value of worship in the spirit and motivation for the present.

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