English Task


Who is the candidate for president who would I choose?


I think i would choose Jokowi as president of Indonesia because Jokowi is not only popular, but also he is a hard worker and has worked sincerely for the people and his region, and is humble and genuine in his behavior. Because of these qualities, Jokowi has become well-known in various regions in Indonesia. He has become popular not because he has conducted image building, but because of his character.

Jokowi is not a stock market guy, but was only a regular furniture businessman before then turning to politics in 2005 as a Mayor of Solo/Surakarta, Central Java. As a mayor, Jokowi successfully brought Solo into an orderly town and even drew international attention because he was the only mayor in Indonesia, which could discipline street vendors without violence, not including other achievements. Thanks to these achievements, in 2010 Jokowi re-elected as Mayor of Solo with the 90.1% percentage of votes, which become a record to date.

In his second period as Mayor of Solo, Jokowi continued his work just as good as before, and he started gaining national (and even international) attentions. In 2012, he was nominated as Governor of Jakarta, and he successfully get rid of the incumbent, Fauzi Bowo. Then in just over one and a half years as governor, Jokowi once again successfully brought a positive change for the City of Jakarta, and his increasing popularity becomes unstoppable. In early 2014, precisely in March, Jokowi nominated as the President of the Republic of Indonesia, and is practically become the strongest candidate among other presidential candidates.

Compared with the other two presidential candidates, Jokowi is very popular in the eyes of many people, and it’s not because he has real achievements in the field of government (in his capacity as mayor and governor), but because he was described as a honest and humble leader in the midst of a bunch of corrupt politicians. Foreign media were immediately see Jokowi as โ€˜The actual leaders of Indonesian people’, may similarly to Aung San Suu Kyi in Burma, South Africa’s Nelson Mandela, or Mahatma Gandhi in India. And Indonesia will be able to advance in both economic and other fields, only if its leader is trustworthy, is not it?

In addition to his humble attitude, Jokowi is also very quick in executing infrastructure development in Jakarta. Including the construction of Mass Rapid Transit (MRT) in Jakarta, which was previously only a discourse, is directly in progress when Jokowi became its supervisor, and this is of course addressed positively by investors – both local and foreign, who intend to invest in the country, because all this time, the biggest problem of Indonesia lies in the lack of infrastructure. There is great hope that if Jokowi become President, then the development of infrastructure in Indonesia will be done more quickly. And if it is realized, then it means that Indonesia will have a better economic growth. Including Jakarta Composite Index (JCI), which was already running pretty fast during the administration of President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono (2004 – 2014), also will rise even higher.

In essence, if Jokowi elected as President, then it would give a positive impact on the market, because Jokowi offers two things at once, namely integrity, which is reflected in the form of honesty and modesty, and commitment in building the country, which is reflected in his hard work to build the infrastructure. You know, itโ€™s not easy to find a state official that is not corrupt, let alone willing to work real hard for people.

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